Monday, October 3, 2016

GNP Poetry

Sitting in the backseat,
Music blasting,
Cold air rushing,
Running through my hair.
Sunshine, then rain,
Then sun, then clouds,
As we climb upward
In that beautiful park.
I have thoughts of hope
and dreams of success
as we climb into the fog.
We exit our car to see
all the nature, ready to be
a beautiful and blessed metaphor
for the life struggles we have worn,
for the days our souls have been torn,
for the times life left us feeling forlorn.
We take one step at a time,
with the path we climb,
up, and up, into the sky,
our emotions flying high.
As we enter into the fog,
I feel it speaking and calling
my name.
Now it sees me crawling
Oh, the fog, the gusts of fog,
Covering me like the smog
that covers my weary heart
and tears my inner soul apart.
The smog that smothers me with
all of my massive insecurities,
things I thought I could abandon
when I exited immaturity.
Like my insecurity and my struggles,
the fog grows thicker and thicker,
its cold, dark grip holding me tight
telling me someday it will be all right.
As I continue on, the fog grows darker,
as if the sky was colored with a marker.
The further I go, the harder it is to see,
The harder it is to be who I want to be.
It becomes too much to bear,
so we turn around and walk away,
from the fog, begging us to stay.
“Stay with me, I will show you the grey,
stay a day, I’ll teach you how to slay
your hopes and dreams that have run astray.”
But I keep my feet going, right foot, then left
Feeling like the fog has stolen my life - theft
I must keep walking, I can’t stop now - right
I have to get out of this dense, ugly fog - light
Travel beyond the misery is my destiny - left
Throw aside these pointless insecurities - right
Keep stepping, keep stepping, almost out - left
If I stride, confident, I can escape the fog - right
I can escape the creatures inside the fog - left
I can escape the vast mysteries of the fog - right
I will live today, I will live in the rays of sunlight - left
I will live, casting aside my doubts, my concerns - right
I will be me, no cares what my brain or the fog says - left
I will keep pushing and running until finally - silence
I have burst out from the fog
I can reduce my run to a jog
The sun is peeking through
Oh, God, up there, is that you?
You have brought me out
of a life - or lack thereof -
out from a drought
I still hear the fog’s snout,
huffing and puffing, inviting me
to revisit my old insecurity.
But I have escaped the fog,
and my own personal smog,
that always tended to bog
down my emotion,
my motivation,
my soul.
Only now, on the drive down,
back into the sunlight,
do I feel whole.
Down the paths of my life,
I can now stroll.
Down the grassy knolls,
I can now roll,
because I am out of the fog,
I can now reach my goals.
The glaciers of hardship,
the fog of insecurity,
the trees of uncertainty,
the creatures of anxiety,
the paths to the unknown.
For now, all of these I put to rest,
so that I can put forth my best,
and finally invest in those
with whom I am blessed.
Until next time, fog,
you are simply a pest.
I’ll see you around soon,
for your next test.


be independent
explore and make memories
live the life you want

-- P